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If you’re new to the Registry or need a refresher, take a look at our tips and tricks for making the most out of the PCQC Registry.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Please note that the PCQC Registry requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to log in.

When you access the PCQC Registry, you will now be prompted to set up your authentication or provide your authentication code. The system will suggest you use an app called Twilio Authy, but users are welcome to use other authentication applications of their choosing such as Duo or FreeOTP. You can access step-by-step instructions to this process in this guide

MFA is used to provide an extra layer of security to access the sensitive information entered into our registry and we support this addition. MFA requires that in addition to entering your username and password, that you verify using another device that it is you who is trying to access the registry. You may be familiar with MFA, as many companies such as banks, technologies, and health systems now use this security step.

Please reach out to PCQC Member Services at if you have any questions or concerns related to Multi-Factor Authentication that are not answered in this guide


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