PCQC Hosts Data Dictionary Office Hours January 2021:

PCQC has been working with partners at PCQN and GPCQA to harmonize their data dictionaries and create a patient-level data dictionary that promotes best practices in palliative care.

Additionally, PCQC has been working with partners at CAPC and NPCRC to update the National Palliative Care Registrydata dictionary and to transfer all historical data to the PCQC registry.

The PCQC registry will launch in early 2021. Prior to the launch of the new registry, we are excited to share more information about the data dictionaries with you and to answer your questions.

You must register in advance for all office hours. Links are provided below.

Program-Level Data Dictionary Office Hours:

Patient-Level Data Dictionary Office Hours:

If you would like to submit questions in advance, please complete this short survey. Questions can also be asked live. 

Program-Level Data Dictionaries:

The program-level data dictionaries are currently available. To view the questions, you can access the hospital annual program-level survey questions here. You can access the community based annual program-level survey questions here.

The patient-level data dictionaries are confidential and will be available to members and prospective members upon request. 

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